Day + 150 In the news!

Yesterday a story about Orla and fertility preservation appeared in all the News Ltd papers across Australia.

Below is a couple of different links featuring the 2 different photos. Orla was very cooperative when the photos were taken here on Friday. It was quite a tricky story for the journalist but she did a great job.

11 thoughts on “Day + 150 In the news!

  1. Megs told us. Great story, wasn’t sensationalised which is good for the Sun. Was chatting to Auntie Gaye and told her you and Orla were in the paper yesterday and she said ‘Ohh, I saw that story and thought “that person looks familiar”‘ she thought you looked like someone famous, but can’t remember who it is now.

  2. Lovely lovely photos and great stories particularly the first one. You must be so proud and thrilled for your daughter. In the news pre 2!!! Well done Orla once again – and I guess Mum and dad too!!! xxx C and G

  3. So glad to read of Orla’s outstanding progress. If this condition affects 1 in a million, Orla has proven she is 1 in a trillion for overcoming it so well. I send my love to you and Ed and your fantastic little hero.

  4. Hi Flick & Ed & especially Orla,
    Paul at the Happy Apple filled me in on the news and your difficult family journey.
    Please let us know what or how we can help & support you!
    Chris Collins

  5. After a Summer of .no internet, I am only now getting around to reading this article. Fantastic news and very forward thinking of you both. I hope Orla continues to improve.

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