Day +314 Happy New Year!

A quick hello from Orla’s blog to wish you all a safe, happy and prosperous new Year for 2014. We are definitely entering this year with some positivity that has replaced the nervousness we felt entering 2013. This is mixed with much relief in many ways that the last 12 months is behind us and that we made it! We are currently in Tasmania, specifically Freycinet Peninsula on the East Coast. The weather is being kind to us, Orla enjoying a paddle in the sea this afternoon and wasn’t put off by the cool (ish) water temperature. She has also thoroughly enjoyed the change in scenery, the Spirit of Tasmania (sea ferry), playing with her crazy cousins and the general extra socialisation around this time of year as well as her first ride on a pony (thanks Jo).

Riding riding jo

8 thoughts on “Day +314 Happy New Year!

  1. Happy new year to you all and I wish you the very best year ahead. I’m sure it will be great with your beautiful girl looking so well. Much love

  2. Thanks for you update and New Year wishes. We wish you the very best for this year and look forward to having more updates.


    Francis and Adam.

  3. Wonderful to see Orla on the pony!! Glad you are having a nice holiday in Tasmania 😊. Happy New Year to you all!!!! Love from Aisling & Ozzie xxxx

  4. Happy Happy New year to you all. Maybe need to take Jo Kilby over to Melbourne complete with pony??? May 2014 be a healthy, Happy one for All. love Bill & Marie xx

  5. Enjoy your time away in Tassie, Orla seems right at home in the pony, great to see her outdoors! Love to you guys and Happy New Year xx

  6. happy New year to Flick, Orla and Ed. Hope the year ahead is a wonderful one for you. Big congrats for having got over 2013 with flying colours. Orla looks great on the pony. Love ye lots and admire you all greatly. xxxxxxxxx

  7. Hi Ed, Flick and Orla. Great to see Orla out and about and enjoying Tasmania. I have many good memories from my time down there, sleeping on the side of a motorway after Ed’s stag-do was a particular highlight! Hope you have a great start to 2014 and lets see about Skyping soon.

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