Day +355

bean park coolInserted are a couple of recent photos of Orla, showing off her new look, minus the nasogastric tube that is! We no longer receive funny looks when we are out and about.

It was 12 months ago today that Orla was admitted to the Bone Marrow Transplant Unit. The day resembles some similarities as I’m packing…. However this time, packing for the flight and a few days away on the north west coast of Tasmania that we postponed last year due to Orla’s surgery before her transplant and I’m very much looking forward to it. Life is really starting to take on a sense of normality which is a great feeling and in stark contrast to the anxiety of this evening 12 months ago. We did not know what lay ahead for Orla. I did not know if I would ever bring her home as I drove her to the hospital that afternoon. In an attempt to describe the feelings of that day, the anticipation of jumping off a cliff is in my mind, not knowing where you are going to land, so many ways it could go and we fortunately feel like we are starting to make our way to safe ground.