The Celtic Woman – 3 years on

Anyone who has much to do with Orla will know of her love of TV particularly Justine Clarke, an Australian actress who also produces children’s music, and Playschool DVDs. I have been told many times by Orla’s carers and specialists that hearing these songs remind them of Orla or they find themselves singing the tunes! Orla has recently discovered a new favourite musical DVD from her heritage, “Celtic Women”. We have watched and listened to this many times over the past few months and I find myself singing these songs !! Orla’s interest in musical DVDs deepend when she was in hospital for her transplant. I realised when we saw the BMT team earlier this week, it was exactly 3 years ago that she started her chemotherapy known as the conditioning phase in preparation for her transplant at the end of the month. Life certainly feels very different to then as I proudly introduce Orla’s sister, young Nell, who is 11 weeks old today and whose presence Orla is slowly accepting!!