I can “hear” clearly now…

Orla had a hearing test last week and the results revealed the best news yet..Orla’s hearing was found to be within the normal range in both ears in all the frequencies or pitches tested and her middle ear function was also normal. This is a remarkable turnaround from 5 years ago when we were told Orla was becoming profoundly deaf. Since her bone marrow transplant, Orla’s hearing has progressively improved and she also no longer suffers from numerous ear infections. She hasn’t been wearing her hearing aids for a little while now, as the aids would have blocked more sound than they let in, however she probably still struggled to hear all sounds in all environments. We are hopeful this improvement will help in our quest for her to develop speech…

17 thoughts on “I can “hear” clearly now…

  1. Hi Flick, Great news re Orla’s hearing….what a special result for Orla and all her family…Spoke with your Mum on Saturday and she told me Orla is making noticeable progress. Looking forward to seeing you in January at Shearwater, just need to check the dates for the shack. Regards Lyn

  2. Marvellous news, thanks for letting us know. Orla is making great progress, seems like her team can take a bow & likewise you and Ed.
    X Donal & Maria

  3. Hi Felicity,
    We are so pleased to hear this great news. It is a very typical outcome after transplant on Mannosidosis, but we didn’t know if it would always be so. Congratulations to all of you for persevering. Seems you really are reaping some rewards now, after a quite difficult time of it.
    Cheers, john

    John Forman
    125 Cuba St, Petone 5012
    New Zealand
    Mobile +64 27 240 3377

  4. Terrific news about Orla’s hearing. Congrats to all involved and especially you Flick and Ed and Nell will be able to go to her big sister with her problems. Things just keep improving. So, so pleased for you all. Hugs from George and Carmel xx

  5. Hi Flick,
    I am still following your blog and periodically check it from time to time. I haven’t been on in a while and am overcome with emotion and just how far you have all come. Orla has grown up so much and your new addition is just beautiful! I am amazed at how resilient you all and the strength that Orla holds within herself. I am just so pleased to read Orla’s continuing progress. I hope you are Ed are well and enjoying life.

    Love Emily

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