“Happy and safe at school”


I’ve been wanting to write and update for a long time but life just gets in the way. I will do so soon but for the moment, I wanted to share a photo of Orla taken a few weeks ago at school. This week will conclude her first term of full time school and apart from a few issues transitioning to school in the car of a morning, hence the title above also being that of a social story we have developed for her to try and help alleviate this, she is really enjoying it and very happy most importantly.

15 thoughts on ““Happy and safe at school”

  1. What a beautiful photo. She looks very happy to be at school. Looking forward to hearing more. Lots of love to you all and Happy Easter.
    Nancy & Niall xx

  2. What a beautiful and happy girl. You should be so proud, not only of her but also yourselves. Such a fantastic milestone. Go Orla. Much love to you all. Joyce xxxxx

  3. How amazing is Orla’s story
    She looks great
    a little happy child enjoying what she is doing
    Love to you all
    Anne and Graeme

  4. Such a delightful photo of Orla,Felicity. Lovely to hear she is enjoying her time at school… That must be such a relief for you. Love Helen

    Sent from my iPad


  5. What a great milestone, as a parent, to have a child who is happy at school! Thank you for the update. Lots of Love from Tassie. XXXXX

  6. Hey Flick, Beautiful photo and such a happy smile – Clearly she is very happy and content
    Well done to you all for reaching this exciting milestone- Thanks for the update!
    Happy Easter to you all – Jill xx

  7. Oh Orla is growing up so much. Wondering wether you are living in the Country or in the city. Lovely update . Love to all 4 of you. Happy safe Easter to you all. Marie & Bill xx

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