Life wasn’t meant to be easy…

And for this young girl it certainly isn’t….Last week, we were back at RCH, for a just a few nights this time, for Orla to have calf lengthening to both her legs and carpal tunnel release to both her wrists. The carpal tunnel was revealed following a nerve conduction study she had in February – which itself is not a nice procedure either. Following a fight to be anaesthetised, Orla wakes up to discover all of her 4 limbs essentially out of action. When your legs are in plaster casts and fixed into positions your body isn’t used to and your’e not able to put weight through your hands getting around is difficult. However, I am very proud of her resilience and ability to take it all in her stride.. She is managing more each day and is in pretty good spirits. These couple of photos are taken in the hours and day following her surgery.





8 thoughts on “Life wasn’t meant to be easy…

  1. Hi Orla. You are a great little soldier. And the pics don’t show how confining it all must be. Flick, Ed and Nell hope you are all well. You are amazing people. Thanks Flick so much for continuing updates. You are wonderful 👍🌹

  2. Amazing resilience Orla! Do hope all goes well with your recovery and that you are soon back driving the tractor with Theo!
    Thanks for continuing to share your story Flick. Thinking of you all with love. Judy & Kerry

  3. Shat a fantastic and resilient family you all are. Thanks for the continuing blog – I often wonder how you are all going. Big hug to Orla – she’s an incredible girl. Much love Joyce xxx

  4. Sending you all our very best wishes for a quick recovery, and hope the results after the recover will be a much more mobile and happy Orla.
    Regards, john

    John Forman
    125 Cuba St, Petone 5012
    New Zealand
    Mobile +64 27 240 3377

  5. What a courageous little girl she is!
    Hope it all goes well Flick and Ed!
    Guess Nell will fetch & carry for her.
    Love from Ros & Owen xx

  6. I miss you all and are always thinking about you. You continue to be a true inspiration flick and Ed with your strength and courage and most importantly love. Orla you are do courageous and always there to fight the battles with your amazing strength. Get well soon lovely one – love Anna, Rich, sam and Harry xxx

  7. Thanks Flick for update she and you all are just great Short term hassle for long term gain I appreciate how much more difficult it is for your family over next few months it must be very frustrating for Orla I hope the corrective surgery makes a big difference to her life

  8. Poor little poppet, I feel for you all,but hopefully the surgical intervention will make life easier for Orla,and everyone caring for her

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